Does anyone know if DVDFAB is compatable with the Microsoft Zune? I would like to load some of my DVD’s to it but Zune won’t let me sync it. I can play it on the PC with Zune software but It wont transfer. Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t have a Zune but read a post in the past couple of days where I think someone said they had done it. I think it may have taken another piece of software to put the AVIs in a format Zune liked. Use the “Search” button over on the top right hand side of the forum index page with “Zune” as the search term and see if it doesn’t pop up something recent. If you come up with a method that works, post it here to give others with Zunes a hand. Note that the new beta release lets you set default profiles, so if it could be done that way (editing one of the existing profiles) you could store it as a default making the conversion a one click deal (almost).