Zune Opening Sales Good, but Not Great

Their are no long lines in front of the electronic chains to tip us off on how well Microsoft’s new Zune player is doing in the market these first few days, nor do Walmart or Target let on to their sales figures on any item they sell. With all of the hype big things are expected for this iPod contender and initial sales numbers can shed some light on its prospects.

Story: http://www.mp3newswire.net/stories/6002/zune-sales.html

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Microsoft’s goons had to be on the crack pipe if they thought this dog would be a serious challenger to the current Ipods.
They needed a product that was as thin (or even thinner), held as much or more capacity at the same or cheaper price. And, as much as I am loathe to mention this, look a hell of a lot better than it’s current self. Throw in some quality add ons like superior headphones, an inline remote with an LCD screen, an extra chargeable battery and you have a potential new king.
I dont buy products with an emphasis on looks, but I have to admit that the Ipods do look great. The Zune looks like something that would have been relevant 4 years ago.

^Agreed, even if they couldnt compete on looks, they should have made it superior to the ipod featur wise. Now it just becomes another mediocre hard disk player.

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