Zune HD details continue to leak out

I just posted the article Zune HD details continue to leak out.

Microsoft may have chosen silence regarding its latest Zune media device, but the rumor mill is in overdrive yet again. Rumors allegedly by a Microsoft employee – although his statements…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16112-Zune-HD-details-continue-to-leak-out.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16112-Zune-HD-details-continue-to-leak-out.html)

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Shouldn’t be too hard to compete MS doesn’t charge for firmware updates unlike apple now :frowning:

I’ve yet to find a Zune on sale over here. It must be a really small niche, indeed…

The main competition is Apple’s App Store which have thousands of apps available.

Zune is not that bad. I actually like it. Microsoft should create a Amazon like mp3 store or join with them.

This new Zune is technically amazing, based on the nvidia Tegra etc… it has alot of horsepower and some nice distinguishing features like 720p output over HDMI. But how long does it take to download a 720p video to it ? And how big would that be to store ?
It likely will not have the “polish” of the apple products and will not have anyhwhere near as many apps available for it. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is games. There were rumors it would be able play all XBOX Live Arcade games and XBOX originals. That would give it an immediate game library available at launch.

Another point, iPhone and iPods apps are being adopted by all types of industries, automotive, security, medical, education, the military etc…etc… with all those industries developing apps for private or public use.
I don’t see any Zune being used much outside of the digital entertainment industry.

I suppose you could say its a cash grab by Apple since 10s of millions of users buy the updates, but I think for only $10 Apple’s updates are well worth it…
Apple’s updates add several enhancements and new features. What would a Zune update give ? Probably fixes, because MS doesn’t know how to innovate new features :slight_smile:

Considering that this device uses Wifi or a USB cable pushing a 720p video wouldn’t take that long even a full length movie. Also saying it might not have the polish to it’s apps like Apple does is pretty much stating a complete guess as fact. With the Tegra I see no reason why people wouldn’t make flashy apps especially for a flashy device like this zune.

Never heard of the Zune marketplace? They sell MP3’s too.

You’re kidding right? You sound like an apple fanboy. Anyways, you’re mistaken about apple’s updates as they only add fixes, ect. So far with previously released zunes they all received the same features that the updates brought no matter how old the zune is, with apple you have to buy a new ipod everytime they came out with new features for the newer ipods. Microsoft doesn’t know how to innovate new features? It sounds like you don’t have all the facts or you believe all the hype apple feeds you.

That’s because microsoft doesn’t really advertise for the zune, it seems they mostly rely on word of mouth to spread the word on the zunes. If microsoft aggressively marketed the zune as apple does for the ipod i’d hazzard to guess that the ipods market share would decrease by a pretty good margin.

can anyone give info on dvd to zune? I have a 30 Gig w/3.0 and would love to "legally fill it w/movies prefer freeware