Zune compatibility

I have the DVDfab (newest version), I’m buying Zune mp3/video player soon. All the movies that I backed up are in generic format (xvid+audio, default format), is it compatible with the Zune player or I have to delete all my backups and convert all of it to MP4 Ipod format?

right now the zune only supports .wmv video files, it does not play xvid or mp4 files

Try the psp mode. I found that it works great. The zune software makes a back ground conversion when it syncs, not sure what is going on, but the results are great.

Hi dentonDVD521

My son just purchase a Zune / 30 GB player.
He called me and asked if I could convert DVD movies into files which would play on his Zune. I told him I would check it out. When you are creating a output file for Zune and you use the PSP settings, are you running it default settings?
I noticed the only file formats Fab Platinum accepts are sourced from DVD’s or ISO. Is their a reason why it will not accept VOB files, which is how I save movies onto my HDD / computer.


DVDFab allows HDD folders with VOBs as Sources for most modes (including all Mobile conversions), Clone being the only exception. Just click on the folder icon just to the right of the Source text box. I think Ting is working on native support for the Zune; keep watching the release notes.

Thanks signals, FAB opened up my movie(s) via folder on HDD.
Son will be stopping in next week (college/summer session), so I would like to get a start on converting movies before he arrives. Currently I have 25 movies sitting on HDD, converted by FAB Platinum and Slyfox CloneDVD2. I convert all my movies to DVD5 / Movies only. The only additional option I include are any closed captions. This is to pickup any movie information when their is a brief output to convert a brief “foreign language”… this output is always displayed with “closed captions off”.
MY question …
The movie Apocalypto is in the native language spoken in the time period the movie reflects. The English output to screen is carried in which of the two file options FAB Platinum offers (with closed caption “Off” when playing movie) …

…English…Normal Captions

FAB allows a choice of One or the Other, but NOT both.

The second one is the normal caption. The upper one is hearing impaired if I remember correctly. You can test this quickly by ripping to a HDD folder in Main Movie or Customize/No Menus mode and using Advanced Title Settings to rip only chapter 3 of the movie (this is as they are walking back to the village with the tapir). If you want the captions to display automatically, you will need to click in the “default select” area, just to the left of the subpicture checkbox (put the checkmark in first). A green triangle or arrow will appear. Play back with WinDVD or PowerDVD (VLC does not deal with captions well) to see which is which.

I finally bought my son his own license for Platinum so I would not have to do all the rips for his iPod, so I know what you are facing there, lol.:iagree:

/EDIT/ It is the second box. Here is a capture of the setup I used to test this:

Too late to edit in: I changed the audio because DVDFab selects the wrong track (the commentary by Gibson) by default in this mode.

Thank you for the tip. Much appreciated. As for audio, do not have Director file on HDD, as I do not include them.

Some things never change … good idea per buying him a license. Nice, practical Christmas present.
Again, thanks for your help.

My pleasure. I have found the second license a real time saver;) …