Zulu Dawn - Test Disk?

A few days ago I rented a copy of Zulu Dawn and watched it on a Pioneer DV 2750 DVD player. Most of the movie was fine but the last scene suffered a great deal from corruption. The scene is dark - with fires still burning from the battle plus a good deal of smoke - quite a problem for any player to resolve. Thinking the rented DVD was failing I bought a new copy ( scan attached).

It was quite interesting to see how different writers and players coped.

The best was a cheap Liteon SOHD 16P9S ( not perfect but certainly watchable)
The worst was the Pioneer ( I returned the DVD complaining that it was failing)
An LG DVC8700 did quite well with a BenQ1620 only being beaten by the Liteon.

I certainly intend to keep this disk to use for testing purposes on any future purposes