ZsnexBox 3.0 Final

ZsnexBox 3.0 Final - Tuesday 27 February 2007

What’s new:

-Reverted back to the old input polling code to hopefully fix the Xbox adapter issue one user was having
-Added an option to specify the screen refresh. Options are
Vsync (recommended)
No Vsync
Every other screen refresh
Every third screen refresh
Maybe this will result in more responsiveness for the users who were experiencing some input lag.
-Added an option to have the screen dim when resizing.
-Updated the FAQ
-Optimized the code some more.
-A general source cleanup


Extract and copy over to your Xbox hard drive. Run “default.xbe” to start.

If you want to run from the DVD, then you must edit the Path.ini to reflect where on your Xbox the needed directories are. They MUST exist on your Xbox (i.e. you must create them) or ZsnexBox will hang when it loads.


This is the final release of ZsnexBox.[/B]

I’m sure many of you will be disappointed to read this, so I apologize. My new work is keeping me far from my personal PC, and I’m struggling to find time to work on this project anymore. I really can’t see when I’m going to get time to add the last few features I talked about adding. So, I decided to release the source and make my final release.






ZSNESXBOX ROM screenhot packs FOR XBOX (does not contain ROMS only images)