ZS0R firmware .bin from 40125S wanted

Could someone extract their ZS0R firmware into a .bin if they successfully installed it via LiteOn’s own Windows Firmware updater? I’ve been looking all over for this and haven’t found it. Also I’ve used the litefirm to extract it from LiteOn’s updater, but it seems there is a tiny difference that the program’s author has never been able to remove when extracting firmwares and I’d like to get the .bin without this difference. I’ve tested it with the ZS0P and sure enough the one extracted from my drive and the litefirm one are different. I ask for the .bin b/c like another user here I get the “Please remove disc from drive” error. Also I do not have Direct CD/InCD locking my drives (that’s not even installed or ever was) I don’t have problems burning, extracting or running cd’s from the drive so I don’t know what the problem is.

Again if you could post an url with the ZS0R firmware extracted from the 40125S ONLY if you updated it with the Windows Flasher I’d be most appreciative.

I think i may have what you’re looking for just supply your
email address and i’ll try and get it to you.


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They’re different either because the dumper sets null as FF or 00, or else the boot code is different. You can be sure that litefirm isn’t messing up when cropping the binary out of the flasher since there’s really no way to mess that up.

Ivanhoe, PM sent with my email.