Zorro problems

:frowning: trying to open l.of zorro (for vobblanker) after fab ripā€¦getting a windows message C:/documents & settings/mab (my initials)/desktop is not accessible. access is denied [OK] what the heck am i doing wrong? please somebody walk me thru.

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i took the easy way out.just used a dl disk & copyed the entire folder!!
wifie got it to the hdd & had the same problem. didnt realy have time to analize what was up. copy works fine with cd scan of 97%, boy am i more & more impressed with my new benq dw1655 ls :iagree: :iagree:

would you tell me how to do this? please!!!
iā€™m not very computer literate but i love movies.
iā€™m use to turn key programs like xcopy and 1click.
please walk me thru, i would be very grateful.

If you want to use a one-click program then try DvdFab Express.