ZoomFree, the FREE version of ZoomSafer, automatically detects when you’re driving and activates a set of basic services:

[li]Locks the device keypad to prohibit outbound communications (calls, emails, texts)
[/li][li]Reminds drivers to focus on the road with personalized safety announcements
[/li] [li]Automatically notifies select friends via SMS, email or via Facebook and Twitter that you’re driving
[/li][li]Suppresses inbound calls and alerts except for calls originated by any of three designated priority contacts
[/li][li]Auto-replies to those who attempt to contact you, telling them that you’re driving and that you’ll get back to them when finished

The following phones are only supported at this moment.

[/li][li]Palm Pre
[/li][li]Windows Mobile


Prevent distracted driving for FREE

How about just turning off your phone? lo If my life ever gets that complicated I’ll just toss the silly thing out the windowl