Zoom Player!

Why is there no topic about this?

Zoom Player is the best media player I’ve ever used, and I’ve used quite a few. Better than Winamp. Better than iTunes, then Windows Media, than VLC. Zplayer tops them all. With developers who, like Alcohol, will comment on the forums and personally adress issues, Zoom Player is very powerful, highly customizable, and plays pretty much every file format under the sun.


I also recommend DScaler5 and ffdshow, both are free, for DVD playback and sharpening of media files. I run ZP with lanzcros 2.5 resize with light Blur and NR for some very excellent media and DVD playback. I also do resampling of lossy format playback, which can produce some good results on my particular arrangenment.

Have you tried Media Player Classic? I use that combined with ffdshow, and it rules. I used to use VLC, but MPC is much better when combined with ffdshow. Only complaint I have is that it does take a decent amount of processing power.

Oh, and out of that list the OP listed, only VLC deserves to be compared to ZPlayer (although I haven’t tried Zoom Player too much). I hate WMP and iTunes because 1) They suck, 2) They hog up too many resources for such poor playback, 3) iTunes is one of the crappiest pieces of software ever.