Zonealarmp Pro 3.0

I have a question about the Firewall ZoneAlarm pro 3.0.

I have Install this Firewall But if I want to go to a web-site like. the web-site will Not corrected be download it, But if I cannel the firewall than this web-site will be downloaded good. and I have NO problems to viewed this web-site.

What are the correct settings fore this firewall.??? So that I have no problems again.

I hope someone can help me.
All ready thanks…

The Distroyer. :confused:

PS: The old versie of zonealarm pro works good.

i think you need to check your security settings buddy- put them to medium to start with and see how you get on…:smiley:

if not are you using a download manager - some sites dont like this ok .
Download in normal not accelerated mode - just a thought.

zonealarm has an add killer now and some coockie control feature

shut both down…or the internet will turn in to a hell


cheers buddy i’ll stick with v2.6 then - i was looking to update aswell.:rolleyes:

no…you should update…for better protection
but just shut the 2 options down

Version 3 is much better then 2.6. If I remember rightly it asks if you want to turn on the ad-blocking and the pirvicy stuff. I have tryed it with both settings on and I have to admit that it can be a really pain with then on.

yes …shut those functions down…they can cause that you won’t be able to visit certain websides