Zone DVD help?

I’m wondering if anyone owns or would know how to put dvds onto a zone mp3 player? The people at zune have told me to just play the DVD through zune software and it should convert it to wmv, or mp4; that way it can play on my zune device. I’ve talked to some computer people at circuit city and they told me to buy any dvd, that way I can delete the copyright from the DVD. My question now is whether or not I need to purchase additional software to convert the newly uncopyrighted DVD so that I can transfer it to my portable device?? If any one can help out I would greatly appreciate it. I’m almost at the point of returning the zune and going with the crowd and buy an ipod.

I don’t know if clonedvd mobile will do this but if not and zune has it’s software to convert as you said. Then use anydvd with DVD Decrypter or clonedvd2 if you own it and rip it to the HDD with ISO mode enabled and the use virtual drive to load (mount) the image then run through zune software converter?

I just got mine today and it is charging right now as soon as it is done I’ll be playing with it.