Zone-CLV and Standalone players



Hi all,

I wasn’t sure where exactly to post this, but here goes…

I have a Sony AW-Q170A burner with Nero (came with it) and whenever I burn a DVD it skips and freezes in my standalone player.

btw, the movies are all copies of dvds I own… I prefer to store the originals and use the copies… (if the copies get scratched I can make new ones, etc)

The discs I use are Maxell DVD+R (Media code: CMC Magnetics M01).

I think the problem is Zone-CLV because Nero seems to burn in stages… it starts at 6x then stops, resumes burning at 8x, stops, etc until it reaches the desired speed… and the skips/freezes in the movie seem to correspond to these steps… (the first one usually happens only a few minutes in.)

My old Pioneer A07 burner never behaved liked this… if I chose 8x it burned the whole disc at 8x speed non-stop, and as a result the movies played fine. I upgraded coz I wanted DL support, and chose the Sony for it’s 18x capability.

Is there any way to configure the burner to write at a constant speed instead of in steps ?

Thanks in advance,


Have you tried buring the compilation to the image recorder and then burning the image to the DVD? That might help sort out exactly which part of the process was causing problems.


Doesn’t make a difference whether I burn a new compilation or an ISO image, the end result is the same… it’s whatever gaps the change in speed leaves on the disc that are the problem… (my player has a fit!)

My old burner wrote data at a constant speed… if I chose 8x it would burn the whole disc at 8x… not the first 500MB at 4x, then 1GB at 6x, etc… I don’t see this as a useful invention myself…