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If you have the latest zonealarm be aware it will not only cause problems with clonedvd when running but will cause problems with programs like powerdvd 9. I deletes a lot of the dlls for powerdvd if you try and use it and or load the new update. kaspersky makes there anti virus so I am sure theres will to. RarePacker.Multi.Generic is the virus it says powerdvd 9 has even though it does not and if you have it set for auto fix it removes the dlls and the program will not work. Per zone alarm forum Kaspersky is aware of this and working on it. I sent cyberlink management a email on this telling them that they should bring a law suit against both zone alarm and Kasersky.
slysoft should also for the problems it is causing there users.


It would be good to know what version of ZA your talking about as well as what version of CloneDVD your using as well. What your talking sounds more like ranting then without a clear objective or what your trying to get across. From my using of ZA and CloneDVD those programs have their own dll and why would they need another program dll. Your lawsuit opinion mostly likely will fall in the email empty box to be deleted. That kinda blowing off steam rather then contacting PowerDVD about the problem. As for singling out specific software rather then checking to see if you yourself have a virus or malware infestation doesn’t help. As for slysoft CloneDVD I use it and it has not once remove another program dll and since CloneDVD only copy and burns and doesn’t even play dvd how you came to that conclusion is beyond what the program does. Maybe if you contact cyberlink and told them your powerdvd problem rather then attack other programs for something you only have substancial evidence for that would be more helpful for them.


I am sorry if it comes across that way to you but was not meant to be ranting but a fact zonealarm has problems with both I posted another post on clonedvd about te problems there with it and zonealarm. AAs for singling out specific software rather then checking to see if you yourself have a virus or malware infestation doesn’t helps for as checking for a virus do you think I am stupid I did that and more for the clonedvd problem I changed everytthing but the case in my computer and not only reloaded only clonedvd and zonealarm along with windows xp. I also updated to windows 7 olean install and the problem was there. The problem of RarePacker.Multi.Generic and powerdvd get posted to zonealarm forum ever and over and all they do is remove it.
I have the latest of both soltware. the zonealarm is 9.1

I have even opened tickets for both the problems with zonealarm and Kaspersky and all zonealarm did was send me an email asking for info the another asking for me to fill out a survey if the problem was fixed. Kaspersky answer was just as bad. I justs do not want some person to have to spend hours trying to get there powerdvd to install anod work only to find it is zonelarm. As for as the cllonedvd problem I wasted not only many hours and an money replacing parts and reloading software not only to prove that it was zonealarm but to make sure it was not someting else in my system. I wasted many many dvds and cds trying to pin down what it clonedvd was casusing the problem only to have them send me a email asking for a survey.


Here is from another post just posted on there forum as you can see there anti virus is causing major problems for people. It a same they do not give a main address on there site for them I would send the President of there company a email saying you need to get this fixed.

It said my Pinnacle profiling software was a virus (it isn’t). While I was trying to uninstall Pinnacle, Zone Alarm waltzed in and quarantined pinnacle.exe. It messed up my system and I’m still trying to get things straightened out.

Moreover, no matter how many times I tell it to “ignore always” pinnacle.exe, it keeps alerting on it and trying to quarantine it. Thanks to ZA, Pinnacle doesn’t work now and I can’t get it to uninstall properly.

Can I get the bloody antivirus to at least stop alerting on pinnacle.exe?


ZoneAlarm is bloated useless garbage and has been for about 4 versions now.

Always sucks when good products become feckless, but alas it’s hard to stop progress. Thankfully there are much better alternatives on the market.


I am afraid that you are right I moved from norton to zonealarm a few years back becauase norton become bloated not zonealarm has. I am using their zonealarm extreme and it is there most bloated. Bad thing is that the guru on there forum removes any post that says anything negative about zonealarm and locks all post about problems .

You cannot even post the phone number or address for checkpoint on their forum the guru FAX will remove it.


When I installed the beta of Win7 I played around with a trial of the latest version of Norton. I was pleasantly surprised with how much it was cleaned up from previous versions. It installed very quickly, had a small footprint, scanned quickly and seemed like a nice product. Apparently they listened to the criticism and made much needed improvements.

I didn’t fiddle around much with the firewall specific portion of it, so can’t say how that compares but you might want to look at the latest version. I think you might be surprised.


I was looking on google and found a lot of the other anti virus are just Kaspersky under another name think I will look at norton again.


First turn off the Autofix on all malware & AV programs if possible.Make them ask what you want done.
How many viruses do you get that you need them autofixed?
The problem is the ZA that you have is getting false positives.Only an update from them can fix this.There probably is a way to have ZA ignore a specific false positive so it doesn’t give you a constant warning after the autofix is turned off.
I don’t have ZA so I don’t know if it has those settings but it probably does.
I had AVG kill a virus that I should have checked better.It was a false positive & stopped the GUI for Burnaware from working.I reported this to AVG & it was fixed in about a week.


The problem with doing this is that as someone posted last night the people doing the viruses out there will know this and use it to get a virus on your computer. Of course his post lasted about 30 min before the GURU removed it.

Here is the post tonight and I figure it will last about 30 min also really a same that they let the GURUs there move post on problems like this. coverup is never the right thing to do.

I am using ZAX and when my Laptop was scanned last night there was a number of files that had been placed in quarantine.

Of these files, approximately 10 of them are associated with PowErDVD, which I see from the thread here that there is a fix; which I will take care of. The other files that was included with the quaratne are files for Windows XP System Restore.

These are the files that where quarantined:
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\A0037433.dll
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\A0037434.dll
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\A0037435.dll
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\A0037436.dll
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\A0037438.exe
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\
C:\System Volume Information_restore{F8DF645B-63FE-462E-AEC3-39B9FD3CDA4F}\RP88\

I would like to know why these are being tagged and quarantined like this, since they are legitimate system files that needed in order for me to restore my laptop to the associated restore date?

Thank You,
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