Zoiks! 1st film back, only lbx works



And I’m not entirely sure why.
First, I read. And I read. And tried several things.
Finally, around 1:AM (way past my bedtime), and with bleary eyes, I felt confident that I had it right…so I burned it, with nero.
The movie is Space Cowboys.
I used dvdshrink to rip it and shrink out the excess.
Nero to burn.
Using Powerdvd on the computer, I can watcg in normal mode.
On my tv…I cannot, as I can’t seem to access the menu.
I should note here, that I don’t actually have a dvd player, and I’m using an xbox.
Perhaps that’s the problemo…or perhaps not…I dunno…

This seems way more complicated than I envisioned… :eek:


DVD Shrink removes the menu, but the shrunk movie should look the same as the original.


Well, like I said…only letterbox plays, and I hate letterbox.
Yet, if I play the backup on the computer…I can get normal screen.
And now, my head hurts… :bigsmile:


Update: Played the dvd on my sister’s home system, letterbox started, but I was able to
zoom in to a regular size screen.
There was some quality loss by doing this though.

When I got back home…I took a closer look at the case the dvd came in.
Turns out, printed really small on the back below the credits and whatnot…

I am such an idiot. :eek: :iagree: