ZipZoomFly sent me a 1650v instead of a DW1650



After reading this post,, I immediately ordered a DW1620 and a DW1650 from ZipZoomFly. Well, they came today in the mail and while the DW1620 made it, the DW1650 didn’t, I got a 1650v instead. I realize how hard Nexperia based BenQ writers are to find now, which is why I ordered it (already have relabeled a DW1655, DW1650 and a Pio DVR-111D, I don’t really need any more right now). I doubt they’ll be able to help me out with an exchange for an actual DW1650 because of the shortage, so I am wondering, is the 1650v worth keeping as a reader or should I just send it back for a refund?

BTW, thanks, TedTalker, at least I got a 1620 out of the deal!


I would suggest to return the 1650v back for refund and ask zzf to pay the return shipping since it was their fault.


Considering the 1650v is a DVD-ROM and not a DVD-/+RW, I would definately return it. <a href=“”>Link to BenQ 1650v


I sent them a query about it last night and still not response, probably more hassle than it’s worth and I was thinking about buying a reader anyway to save my writers. I was aware it was a reader immediately from the “DVD-ROM” logo on the front instead of the usual “DVD-RW” logo… :slight_smile: If I can get firmware on it that’ll do scanning I’ll be happier but at least I can use it as a reader/ripper…


1650V firmwares are here:

TALE, TANE, and TAOE support quality scanning, but I think they sum up more samples than BenQ burner firmwarea. I tried a 1650V for quality scanning and wasn’t impressed with its error reporting. It’s a pretty good reader, though.


Call them (510-739-1890). It was a mix up with a supplier. They will send you a fed-ex return label via e-mail in a matter of hours, so it won’t cost you anything but the time to take it to a Fed-Ex return shipper. I ordered 4 of them, and they’re on their way back right now. Fortunately I picked up a few DW1640’s as well as a couple of the Samsung SATA burners from Newegg, so I have plenty of stock.


All of this because they share same model numbers: 1650… Benq should had labelled differently not by DW and V respectively.


what was the price?


$37 as reported here:


I just got mind… 5 mins ago - Buy it now $27.99 + $2 insurance and FREE shipping. He has 8, I mean 7 now. Here’s the LINK