ZipZoomFly DW1655 retail - shipped - 49.99



Seems good to me.



excellent deal…how is ZZF as a vendor? anyone has exprience shopping there?


Zipzoomfly is fine. I’ve bought from them before. What are you waiting for Natte? Jump on one of these. :smiley: You know you want one.


lol…yes sir :bow:


Great. Just about as good as newegg.


1655 can be had from staples for $34.00 (otd, no rebates). i/omagic rebadge. i currently have 2 of the i/o 1655 crossflashed. both burn great


Damn, nice find. You sure that I/O Magic are 1655s? Last I heard I/O magic were outsourcing to some pretty crappy companies or making their own.


hey jest:
ur right, either a light-on or a 1655. easy to tell witch is witch tho. plus i think the light-on people r pullin is the one not only with lightscribe but with the ram drive too.


Refresh my memory for how to tell which is which.


I had to jump on this deal. I told myself that I’d buy a 1655 Retail from Newegg if they’d offer it for this price, but they keep it at $53 plus $6 shipping. I’m crossing my fingers that I get a good drive that lasts.


I bought the OEM. Other than having to use BQFlasher to get the BCDB firmware, there is no difference.


Okay, my question still stands on the I/O Magic rebadges. How do you tell which is which and what do I have to do to Flash it to the Benq?


on the ones from staples at least, you have to either bend the flap of the box down (which i couldn’t do…i had to ask them to open the box for me)

anything in a pink packing bag is lite-on
anything in a clear bag is Ben Q.

make sure it has a red circle on the front that sayd “8x DL” otherwise you’ll end up with the 1625.

staples tends to only stock one of each item in their ocmputer parts section but they keep the rest in the back (easier to monitor theft i assume) if you don’t see any out there or they don’t have the right one, definitely ask them!

some people have has luck with the $10 coupon that’s floating around. there’s also a 12% off coupon good for the rest of this week and bring an ink cartridge for another $3 off!


You will find this on the BenQ Phillips forum. (Optical Drives)