Zip-Via problems

I have abit Kt7A Mthbd/via 4-1 chipset with amd k7 cpu, 512 ram, win98SE.
Ever since I started using this bd with my Zip 100 drive, the zip has been erratic and almost useless. Installed latest Iomega ware etc and been in touch with them, they are useless-want me to send them my zip and then sell me a zip250 usb for same price I can get it on internet. It has been suggested to me to disable zip in present config and designate it as “floppy B” and it should work with Via chipset. How do I go about this? Also, should I remove Iomega ware if I use floopy ? Any help would be appreciated.I miss using the zip-very handy for storing drvrs etc.

there is a patch for using a zip drive with via chipsets

May also solve problems with Zip drives

also have a look here

i thought this was a “cd” forum…


“general hardware questions”

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i thought this was a “cd” forum…

What part of Welcome , please read this little f.a.q. was so tough ? :slight_smile: