Zip an .iso

Does zipping an .iso file save any space on my drive?

I’m not sure, but I think that it is related on the content of ISO file. If the ISO contains already compressed files, zipping it will not gain much space. If the ISO contains only text files, for example, then probably you can compress is a lot.

Thanks for the reply. It’s a DVDShrink shrunk movie file.

A shrunked movie can’t be compressed with zip, because it contains vob files, that are already compressed.

If you need to reduce further file dimension, the best way is to open with DVD shrink the ISO file and remove some contents or to apply further compression with DVD shrink itself.


It is possible to save a few percent of total size when compressing DVD-Video ISO files, try WinRAR, though it takes a while on most PCs.

With DVD9 sized ISO, I have experienced reductions of around 300-500 MB for 7-8 GB+ source. VOB is not 100% efficient file format, there is some redundancy in it’s data structures, like VCD also has.

It really depends on what is in the iso. You have to experiment and find out urself

Using PowerISO, there is an option to compress images to .daa files, though I have never used it…

But, as mentioned, it depends on what is in the image file.

What exactly do you want to do ? Store it on your hard drive without it taking up space? Have JUST the movie (no extras, subtitles, audio features, etc)?