Zero Sheep Burner And 1:1 CD-Copy

ASUS DRW-1608P DVD Burner.

Hi i have the above burner and have 3 questions?

The ASUS DRW-1604P supports DAO-RAW96 recording mode.
This means that the drive is able to write uncorrected data as well as subchannel data.


Why is this only for CDRW and not for DVD?

The ASUS DRW-1608P qualifies as a zero sheep writer. This indicates that it will have trouble copying discs protected with various versions of Safedisc as well as other copy protection schemes.

This means that i can’t make 1:1 CD-Copy’s with my burner even if it supports
recording DAO RAW + Sub-Channel data?

No sheep: Can’t backup any safedisc versions without the help of software tricks.


With software tricks they mean in Alcohol120 if you write the image to disk
you use “Bypass EFM Error” so therefore my copy is not a perfect 1:1 CD-Copy?

If i use Image Making Wizard with Alcohol120 and read my image from my drive to my
hard disk it is still a perfect 1:1 copy of the one on my original disk.


So can i put it in a map and then burn the map with the image in it to an CDR so i have still a 1:1 copy of the original
Because when i am going to write it as an image it will not be so.

I have made backups of:

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty United Offensive
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield Vietnam

These are all SafeDisc Protections and work like a sharm with the “Alcohol120 Safedisc 2/3 Profile” option.
Since these are not 1:1 CD-Copy’s i can’t make copy of copy’s.

I hope someone can reply if i did understood al important things to know about backing up SafeDisc Copy Protection.


I’m not quite sure what you are asking. But, the best drive available for copying CD’s, is currently the Plextor Plexwriter CD/RW. For making as close as possible to a 1:1 copy, use almost any CD/RW. They will do a better job than any combo drive. Current versions of CloneCD/DVD with ANYDVD running in background will copy almost anything. Current versions of ALCOHOL 120 will copy almost anything as long as you are using a decent 2-sheep burner. If you are looking for information on copying specific cd’s, check out the copy protection forum. Hope this answers some of your questions.