Zero hour

I purchased C&C generals zero hour and I cannot make a successful working copy of that or C&C 1. Can somone please tell me what I am doing wrong. I think I have tried nearly every variation of copying and still no luck.

what cdrw drive do you have? you need a known sd killer to copy this title without emulation. i know asus 5224a, and liteon 52327s and 52246s will work good on this protection which is sd2.8

also i would suggest you first try using alchoholor to set your settings for you it works pretty good with alc120 just choose sd2.8x from the copy protection list and kick off the application from that program…its downloadable and free from a sticky post on this fourm.

I ahve a lite on combo ltc 48161h, its a new comp and that is what camewith it. I am new to all of this so I may need more direction. You mentioned alchoholor, it sounds like it selects the settings for me? I tried to do a serach for that on the web without any reult. Is that something that comes with alcohol120?
As for sd2.8x I assume you are refering to safe disc in alcohol, how would I lauch a program from that though?

go to this site

beware of the popups though they are rather annoying.

safedisk is a form of copy protection…

securerom is another popular protection…

your drive is a know Safedisk killer so you should be able to copy that title with no problems.

download the program choose sd2.8x from the drop down then hit the launch alc 120 button read your image to harddrive then write it to cdr.