Zebra Mod V3 and higher PI/PO rates

Hey. I have a 401S,converted to 811S HSOK by Zebra’s V3 mod.
Today,I scanned a month old disk and it looked like this :

A month ago, I had scanned the SAME disk, and it had looked like this :

So is my drive about to die? I burned a movie last night,using DVDShrink and Nero Same RicohJPNR01 discs. Error rates @ 4X/8ECC were off the chart (900 Avg PI/10 Avg PO), even though the disk played back fine in my cheapo set-top DVD player.

Bumpy… any idea,anyone?

Okaaay… rdgrimes had something right when he said that the quality of the RicohJPNRO1 discs is spotty. Just burnt another one from the same pack, 14.4PI avg, and 0.093 PO avg at 4X/8ECC.
Damn media… nearly gave me a heart attack


why don’t you try v4 mod?

The problem I was having with the first disc was that the scan at different times was giving different PI/PO rates. The last disc, at ~14PI was with the v4 mod.