Zebra aquires an NEC2500-A

About to grab my NEC2500A this afternoon.

Will I be happy with it? Will I have the fun I had with my LiteOn drives with it? Will Herrie keep up the good work?

Seriously folks - a few questions:

i) With the rip capped removed, what kind of performance can one expect from single layer/dual layer ripping?

ii) The 1.06 f/w seems quite tasty. Are any media codes (cert. 4x) supported for 8x writing? (similar to the x11S series of LiteOn’s and RICHOJPNR01 media)

iii) Any definite DOWNSIDES to the drive that will/are/going to cause me sadness in comparison to my beloved LiteOn array?

Thanks… :cool:

Welcome to the club Zebra!
(as I’ve told you already :wink: )

Originally posted by zebra
i) With the rip capped removed, what kind of performance can one expect from single layer/dual layer ripping?

The pictures speak for themselves if you can’t read German: http://derjensn.gmxhome.de/Test-NEC-2500/transferrate/index.htm

Can’t answer the other questions.

Great… :D.

Thanks Dave, thanks Wes.

I’ll field question 2.
Yes there are some 4x certified discs that write at 8X with the official NEC firmware.
See here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=90826

Herrie, OC-Freak and I are currently testing many other 4x media at 8x and receiving some great results! See the Herries’ beta firmware thread for details.

As far as question number 3 is concerned.
I have not seen my NEC 2500A perform below my LiteOn 411 in any aspects.
My 2500A was even able to rip a DVD-R with high PI/PO rates that my 411 could not!

Excellent…this is looking better all the time.

Pitty 8x cert. media in both -R and +R is so scant available…=\

Hi Zeb.

I got one too just over a week ago.

Sensational is the only way to describe this drive.

With stock F/W 1.06 you get very decent 8x burns on TYG01, and MCC01RG20, and very very good burns at 6x on RICOHJPNR01’s

Just stay clear of the G04’s

I especially like this, as the MCC01RG20’s are now available in Spindles of 50 for about $100 AU – not bad at all for a 8x DVD-R

Some reviews have criticised the read capability of this drive, but I haven’t had a problem at all, I suspect that some of the early drives (ie Malaysian ones) had QC issues.

Keep either a Pioneer 121 or a Liteon 166S on your system, these drives are still the kings of ripping!!


-Can’t write correct efm
-Can ONLY overburn to 90 mins!
-With the tasty results you get with Princo, LeadData and Media ID001 media, you’ll find yourself buying more and more crappy media, and your Film collection will expand rapidly.
-It can’t read DVD-RAM discs.
-Terrible support from NEC
-Excellent SUpport from Herrie

Seriously, from someone who owns a 401S, 411S, 811S, DVR106D, and DVR107D, you won’t be even a little bit disappointed. The NEC2500 IMO is currently the market leader period.

Yah…I do have a 166 handy now I think about it…

Good call.


Mine doesn’t read well and doesn’t like G04 media so far but it writes so nice to everything else I don’t care. I have a 166 for reading and my 811 for testing and the few disk the 2500 doesn’t like. I also have a 52x24x52 for burning cd’s and games. All the latest things Herrie keeps adding are certainly making this drive better by the hour :slight_smile:

Ahhhh - well this is all shaping up quite well then. Apart from the fact that I hear the words:

“NEC” and “Bad support” in the same sentance… :eek:

Always a little bit of a concern.

Re: “Bad Support” from NEC

It’s all relative isn’t it?

With the ND1300a drive, so far they’ve released 6 different firmwares - this is “good” support.

With the ND2500a drive, they have only released 1 firmware, and keep saying that new firmware is pending, to correct issues with certain media (read RitekG04) and add support for newer 8x media (Herrie not withstanding).

Having said this, we should remember that the release firmware is actually very very good, and overall burn quality from poor media to good media is best in class.

I don’t really think we need be overly concerned.
Liteon and Pioneer support leaves a lot to be desired from time to time as well.

BTW zeb, what price you looking at for the 2500a?

I paid $170 for it… =D

Thus far, the drive is proving nothing but a pleasure… :-D.

I popped TDB RPC1/RipCap Removal f/w on right way - then I burnt this:

4x 8ECC in Liteon 811S [HS0P]

Quite magical really.

Can anyone recommend any other firmware’s for me to use instead? Can I feasibly get 8x +R writing to CMCMAG with Herrie’s f/w?

quite magical really :bigsmile:

i just found my new drive @ebay for 90 euro ( roundabout 120-125 US$ ) … sure i’ll get back more than half the money by selling my old 411 @ebay :slight_smile:

401 -> 811 = double, plus 9.
now that the striped one has interest in, and has in its hooves on a 25, I wonder how long it’ll be till we see 2500@5009.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the min the dual layer firmware becomes available, I will be taking a good look into all this.

Personally, I think it would be absolutly utopian for us if the drive will live up to d/l via firmware - but there are other factors not considered which may prevent it…

As always, time will tell…


Where can u get “MCC01RG20’s are now available in Spindles of 50 for about $100 AU”???


Does the NEC 2500 have problems writing Ritek G04’s or just reading them??

Can any Ausiies post a couple of Kprobe scans with Princo media? Cause I think Our princos may be sus?

cheers and beers,


i think there is a post dedicated to ritek disks on the nec2500.

however, my findings are that some nec2500 are picky about writing to these disks. for example:

datasafe G03: nec2500 cant write to them properly. anything over 4gb and i sometimes get errors. success rate: 50%

inkjet whitetop printable G04: nec2500 sometimes writes to them reliably but sometimes doesnt, success rate: 40%

arita ritek G04: (i used an old batch i had lying around, about 8 months old i think they were): nec2500 burnet these with no problems. success rate: 100%.

hence, its difficult to make some sort of conclusion about ritek disks baring in mind that some batches of ritek disks can be written by the nec2500 with 0 problems. but then other batches the nec2500 cant write reliably to them. best thing is to steer clear of riteks until the firmware issue is sorted. there are many many other disk brands out there that the nec2500 can burn nicely to, use them instead.

the strange thing is that the cheapest disk i could find: datawrite redtop v2 disks burn with 100% success rate in my nec2500. while the ritek G04 disks i paid twice the price for a totally unreliable.

I found a spindle of 50 “Verbatim Datalife Plus DVD-R 4x” at a local computer store (Adelaide). They’re clearly also mentioned on the Verbatim web site (www.verbatim.com.au)

Here’s a direct link

Also, here’s a scan of Princo DVD-R 4x burnt on my NEC ND2500.

I reckon that this is a pretty acceptable burn, but I’ve had much worse on occasions. I think Princo quality varies greatly.

Another princo “A-Grade”.