Zathura burn problem



I am making a copy of this for my daughter and everything seemed to go smooth i backed up the main movie with dvdshrink and burned it no problem with dvdencrypter however when i went to play it it has the director talking all thru the movie.
so i backed it up again but this time when i did reauther i still did the main movie but i unchecked a box that said 2ch english director comments and
backed it up to a temp file but before i risk making another coaster i wanted to check with you guys and see if this should fix it or is there something else i need to do? can you preview the file before you burn it?
I am fairly new to this so any help would be appreciated.
Oh one more question, the only audio that showed up were 5.1 english,2ch french and 2ch english director comments. the only one i left checked was 5.1 english will it still play on a 2channel? my daughter does not have a 5.1 reciever in her room or will the dvd player convert it to 2channel?



You can preview your movie before burning, just save the output on your hd. How about english subtitles? For the audio stream selection, the one you’ve selected would be later on your output.


There is an option in shrink to remove all sub-scriptures or just certain ones also it is under Edit>>>>preferances>>>Stream Selections. There you can editwhat you want or do as I do check the box to disable all.


well i got the director talking off but it still showing the words on the bottom,
how can i get them off?


You mean the subtitles?
You can switch it off with your remote.



Yes it hit me last night that i could turn it off in the dvd players menu.
thanks for all the help