Zalman heatsink

yep are they anygood m8 what u think of them

Which model? And for which type of CPU, Intel P4 or AMD XP? Check out the heatsink dbase first. Alpha PAL8045 used to be my fav, but now it’s Thermalright SLK-800A. You’ll need a fan that can pump out at least 40CFM to cool efficiently though.

no the 1 for your graphics card me fan is not starting have to push it lols was looking for a thermaltake geforce 4 cooler cant get 1 have got a zalman or other option is to put 1 of there 120 fans under it

Oh I see, you’re going for. The heat pipe thing is a waste of money if you don’t have an addition fan blowing on it.

You’d need a alman FB123 Fan Bracket to hold the 120mm fan (not necessary, as 90mm will do the job fine) -

Then you can use a Thermaltake GIANT II Heatpipe -

or Zalman ZM80A-HP -

I don’t think it’s worth the extra money just to bump your video core/memory up a couple of MHz.

BTW, the products shown are available @ The bracket is $7, heatpipes are $25.

Best thing you can do for your AGP card is install a side-case fan to blow fresh air on it.

just had a antec soho 1080 fileserver got a hole in the side do you think this would be ok as well

GlobalWin CAF12 120mm Card Cooler (SY-000-GL)
Huge 120mm fan fixed to your expansion slot holes at 90 degrees to your graphics card. With a massive 64 CFM output the CAF12 is the most effective card cooler we know. Complete with specially designed metal stabiliser and safety guard. Does not take up any expansion slots.


Or just leave the side off and put a house fan next to the open case. :bigsmile:

Originally posted by rdgrimes
Or just leave the side off and put a house fan next to the open case. :bigsmile:

I can vouch for that. On a hot day, 9" desk fan on low and rotate. Drops 10C for core temp. Price = $15.