Z-mod v4.0 Can't burn at 8x!


SOrry for bothering… I have looked everywhere but haven’t found the solution. Maybe someone else has experienced the same thing and can help.

I have a 411s, i upgraded it to 8X with Zebra mod v4.0: followed the instructions: updated the EEPROM, Firmware (HSOK patched with omnipatcher). Nero still doesn’t give me the option to burn at 8: see the attached pictures.

I have tested 2 versions of Nero: 5.5 and 6.3. Before installing another version of Nero I carefully uninstalled the version I had, ran the Nero cleaning tools then rebooted.

Running ASPI 4.6, WinXP Pro SP1, my liteon 411s sits in an external enclosure which is connected to my computer via a firewire link.

Please help if you can!



Do you have a recordable dvd in your drive? The firmware has to support burning media at 8x and if it doesn’t, then it will report the speed to burn at that disc at 4x.


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have. I put a TYG01 4x DVD-R in the burner. I have prevously enabled 8X and 6x burning with that media using the Omnipatcher tool.

Only +R is supported at 8x!

ah!!! that wasn’t writen anywhere!

you’re right I have just insterted a RICOHJPNR01 media and I am able to burn at 8X!!!

thanks for the help!

It’s in the 811S specs… 8x +R, 4x -R… 8x -R is possible only with the 2S family of drives, not the 1S…

hmmm, guess I’ll need to add that