Yv12 codec?

i have converted a .avi movie into SVCD format but i can’t play the movie using media player. it trys to connect to the codec server, and then says “error downloading codec” and then crashes.

when i view the error details, it says something about a yv12 codec needed, does anyone know what this is,a nd how i can overcome this problem, as it is stopping me from editing the movie too.


YV12 is a video colourspace, you would generally only need a codec when using AVISynth in YV12.

DivX, XviD and ffvfw along with probably 3ivX can all decode YV12. There is also a helix YV12 codec that can both decode and encode.

SVCD’s are MPEG2, they are also use YV12 though which could explain your error.

Try using media player classic which has built in mpeg2 decoding or install an mpeg2 decoder.