Yuri's Revenge



Hi everybody, This is my 1st time on the forum, nice to meet you all

Im struggling a bit trying to make a backup of Yuri’s revenge - The add on for red alert 2.

I used clone cd to make an exact copy of the disc, and while the program runs fine, whenever it reaches a video the computer crashes.

Any ideas?


Does this happen with the original?

What profile did you use and what is your system spec?


The problem doesnt happen with the original disc, no.

I use Windows 98 second edition, and I have a 40Gb hard drive, 512Mb Ram, a memorex portable cd rewriter, and a dvd rom drive. All my stuff uses the latest drivers for the devices and clone cd should have done it, but only with the backup (or the image) does it not work

PS Ive tried using Daemon Tools as well since last time, again no luck


What type is that writer? And what drive you use to read the disc with? If it’s the DVD drive, what’s the type and brande of that?

And what settings do you use in CloneCD (what profile)?


What profile did you use to make the image?


Its alright , i managed to fix it, thanks for your help anyways guys :slight_smile: