Yuri's Revenge back up problems

hi all

ok here is the situation my copy of Yuri’s Revenge disk got damaged and now has a big crack in it making the disk unusable so I decided to try and make a new disk now after some effort I managed to extract the contents of the disk to the drive

I then scanned it with aray scanner to find out what protection was used in this case Safedisc 2 I then used safe disk 2 cleaner to remove the protection from the protected YURI.exe I then burned this to disk and tried to install but I mush be missing something

because when I try to install it says please insert cd-rom disk so does anyone know how to get round this cd check ? so that I can install from my back up ?

Sorry but stripping the copy protection from the game .exe is illegal and we can’t assist you with your problem.

I suggest that you contact the game’s distributors (which I believe to be EA Games) and arrange for a replacement for your damaged disc. Most game distributors will do so for a nominal charge.