Yudent03 + 1640/1655

So whats the story guys, how is the latest 1655 FW with T03? its time to buy more media as im down to about 60 TYG02 :sad: and i need to some nice new media for my new soon to be delivered 1655 and guess what the TYG02 i usually get for a good price at svp is out of stock :sad:, but they have 50 packs of plextor branded T03 for a decent price and after hearing about poor FW support by many manufacturers i thought i’d better see whats going off :stuck_out_tongue:

it’d also be nice if the 1620 & 1640 had decent support aswell :smiley:

and i suppose decent 108/109 support is out of the question eh?

There are some links to T03 burns on BenQ 1650/1655 in the following thread:

Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) Batch variation

With the best batches of T03 the BenQ does very well. With average batches of T03 the BenQ does as well as other drives.

So it mostly depends on which batch of T03 you get from SVP. The first batch they shipped me were TH001330 (average batch), the second batch they shipped me were TH000021 (excellent batch).

So it’s your call!

Thanks for the link :slight_smile: they are also selling some Verb MCC 004 so i reckon i might just go for that instead

I’d like to warn you, that MCC 004 may also have not very good batches. I recently bought 2 cakeboxes of Verbatim 16x MCC 004 (Made in India). Here’s how they burn:

BenQ 1640 BSOB. WOPC on.

  1. burn @ 8x. SB = Off/On
  2. burn @ 8x. SB = On/On
  3. burn @ 8x. SB = On/On
  4. burn @ 12x. SB = On/On

The last batch of MCC 004s(also made in india) i ordered wasn’t the best too, but your scans are much better than mine!

And at the same time my MCC 004 scans are much worse then those I used to see here. :frowning: I’m going to try MCC 004 MIT nex time, and avoid India’s MCC if possible in the future.

The only problem is when you’re buy them in an onlineshop, where the only information is the mid then you probably don’t know which spindle you’ll get. Same like in a lottery.

Hello All,

I too have had variable results from India manufactured MCC004 Verbatims but have been unable to find any of these disks in the UK that are Taiwanese.
Strangely both the MII MCC004 and the SVP supplied Plextor YUDEN000T03 disks seem to burn better in my Benq 1620 (B7V9) than in my EW164B (1640 in a Benq USB2 enclosure) on BEGB FW.

I have been doing some experiments with the EW164B cross flashed to other drives, Plextor PX740UF (FW 1.02), Benq DW1640 (FW BSOB) and my initial results on MCC004 and YUDEN000T03 media seem to suggest that YUDEN000T03 is burnt best by the Plextor FW (seems logical ?) and the MCC004 is burnt best by the EW164B FW. I would have expected, perhaps wrongly, that the 1640 FW would be best. Once I have collated the results I will post them, all using ImgBurn at 12x and scanned on the same DW1620.



Have just received some Verbatim MCC 004 from SVP (made in India) and although the burns are not too bad they’re definately not as good as previous batches.

It’s also quite interesting to note that out of a 25 cake QScan recommended none be burnt at X16, about 20 at X12 max and the other 5 at X8 max :sad:

I have actually burnt about half the cake using nero and although a speed of X12 set only one has managed this. One would only burn at X4 max :sad: :sad:

When scanning the disc, previous batches have generally given 98% with a couple of 99s. This batch has so far produced 1 coaster, scores of generally 96/97% and only 1 98%, which was the disc burnt a X4 :confused:

The Verbatim code is ZD3056-DVR-T47D. When the discs were ordered (5 days ago) SVP were quoting a product code of 3229.

Here’s a copy of my latest burn with nero at X16. Nero only reached X8.

WOPC & Overspeed enabled
Solidburn activated for known & unknown media.

Previous batches had tended to give PIEs of <10 max and a total of < 20000 ish, with PIF of < 4 max and a total of < 200 ish.

Hope this helps. (Does anyone have any recent Plextor +R T03 scans of media bought from SVP as I am considering these as an alternative - from what i’ve read the T03 batches can vary as well).