YudenT02 - high pi's at 4x zone


finally i found some relatively cheap T02’s in local shops. But they seem to have this problem (see scan). Did anyone experience that, and knows how to overcome it? Or is it just how T02’s are burnt? :slight_smile:

p.s. it’s my first true t02 burn so it might improve over time… i just wanted to know if anyone else has experencied that :slight_smile:

This is quite normal with 2S firmware. Still a great burn though. :slight_smile:

@ mrQQ
Yeah that is a great burn and I would suspect that they would improve in the way of losing that beginning PI mountain after a few more burns. :iagree:

Funny that your kprobe scan did not specify the scan speed :confused:

When I first burned T02 on my 812S I didn’t have the “mountain” problem at the beginning, but it’s firmly established now. It just won’t go away. Fortunately now I rarely use the 812S for burning, just for KProbe.

OT I can’t believe I’ve made 1000 posts already.

@ Two Degrees,C0deKing,mrQQ
Did I just contradict not 1, but 2 1000+ posters? :o :o I stand corrected :bow: …the mountain lives!:).


damn the mountain then!:wink: perhaps i should try t01/01 with t02? i just dont like it… purely for “estetic” reasons :slight_smile: besides, i dont like optodiscs, prodiscs, infomedia’s and infodiscs giving better looking scans than ty! :slight_smile:

Lol. I’m happy to be contradicted, especially if I’m wrong. :smiley:

Congrats on 1000 posts. :slight_smile:

burner: SOHW-1633s (BS0K)

After going through a bunch of 50 packs of Fuji 8x’s (T02’s), I found that one of the packs had this mountain affect towards the middle (all the DVDR’s)…but it seems this is normal, eh, even w/ the mountain, the PI’s are still low…:slight_smile:

Any other ppl w/ different burners have this happen?

MR QQ, Wow! You DONT have mountains compared to my 1213s with Yuden T02’s…
Sir, What you have are pimples compared to the shit PI and PIF’s I got!

A PI of 22 is hardly a mountain. A disc that had a PI rate of 22 throughout the disc would still be an excellent burn so long as the PIF count wasn’t too high.

Was I complaining that it was a bad burn? I’m not having any problems with it’s burn quality, it’s just that if I can get 0.17 avg PI with RicohJPNR01 or 0.8 with Optodiscs, both flat and nice, I would like to expect same from Yuden000T02. That’s the only reasoning…

I wonder if it’s a problem with T02s not liking to be burned at 4x for any length of time, or just Lite-On’s write strategy. I should burn a T02 at 4x on my PX-712A and see if that produces higher PIEs than burning at 6x CLV or 8x P-CAV, since with 8x on the Plex the burn starts at 6x.

It looks like the 4x zone higher PIF issue is a Lite-On problem, not a media problem. This is a TDK-branded YUDEN000T02 disc I burned at 4x with my PX-712A:

i’ve never seen that problem with my ty’s on my 812s.

my scans look exactly like the one above

see, i want that aswell;p

Try burning one at 4x with the Liteon and see how it goes. I’m pretty sure it’s only the 8x strategy that has this problem.