YUDEN000T03 with 451S@832S


I was planning to buy TY T02 media but those aren’t available anymore.

will the T03 (16x media) media give comparable results when i burn them 4x/8x?
the price is about the same…

anyone have any experience with T03 on 451/832?


you should get 4/8x rated media for this drive. burning 16x media lower than 12x won’t give better results than cheaper lowspeed media.

i’m not expecting better results .

as long as the results aren’t worse than with T02, i’m happy.

and like i said, the price is the same.

Since the firmware has no strategy at all for T03, you can expect pretty bad results and 4x burn speed. If you’re willing to do some strat swaps and speed mods, you might cook up a decent burn at 8x.

YUDEN000 T03 are supported at 8x in VS0J.

Just checked with Omnipatcher.

You should be able to get decent burns.