YUDEN000T03 aging

hello, out of interest i have re-scanned some TY 16x DVD+Rs which i had burned about 2 weeks ago, and i was very shocked at the result. here is the original scans of these 3 discs which i made immediately after i have burned them. in the next post i will attach the new scans i have made today.

These spikes in scan 2 look like dirt or dust. Aging wouldn’t really look like that.
Use canned air and isopropyl alcohol and try again!

as you can see the discs had fairly good scans for 16x media. however the quality now appears to have been severely degraded, after only a little more than 2 weeks! particularly disc 009 is looking much worse, even reporting PO failures. what could have caused this? it is not a fluke accident because it has happened to all 3 discs, meanwhile my YUDEN000T02 are aging beautifully. i can’t figure out any reason for them going wrong, i have stored the discs correctly and i have not changed firmware in between the scans. the surface of the discs appears clean and not scratched. my drive is a new benq dw1650 and it is not damaged or anything. is anyone able to explain this result?

kg_evilboy you have replied too soon :wink: of course, those were the original scans

Which batch code do they have?
I only have experience with T03 TH000015, TH000021 and TH000025 discs. Of them, I’ve mostly used TH000021 and they seem to be quite stable.

Sorry I have no quick answer for you woobi. Have you changed your configuration in any way? Added another ODD drive or anything? I also notice that you have continuous scan dips in 5 of 6 scans but not the first. Any possible explanation? I get one dip/slowdown on my 1655 @ around 140 MB but nothing like yours.

Re: the scan dips - my 1650s (BCDC) do that as well.

Wow…I’m tempted to scan my Plextor-branded T03s (TH000021) that I burned about a year ago. It’ll have to wait though, they’re not here with me.

kg_evilboy, the batch code is TH000021

steven2874, i have not changed my configuration in any way.
i have no explanation for the dips in the scans, the benq drive seems to spin down for a brief moment at regular intervals during scanning with nero cd-dvd speed. i have asked about this on the forums before and it is apparently a known issue with benq firmware, but it doesn’t appear to be a problem and i have seen the same thing on many other peoples scans here. on my drive, it seems to happen usually if i scan at 8x but does not happen if i scan at 4x. it’s a curious issue but it is not related to this aging problem because the YUDEN000T02 i have also tested have aged nicely, their scans also show the dips.

Yes but his first scan only shows one dip, unlike the others. I’m glad the 1655 doesn’t do that annoying speed up/slowdown thingie. Does this only happen intermitently?

Oh my f***ing hell. I’m going to check my TH000021s which I just burned a few days ago.

What were they branded as, or were they unbranded?


LOL @ kg_evilboy!! That’s a reaction and a half :bigsmile:

@steven2874 - the dips have happened to me on every DVD media scan I’ve made on the 1650s :eek:

Arachne: they were unbranded, white inkjet full printable.
quite expensive media too, about a dollar a pop

Ah, thanks! Reason I ask is quite a few of us here have the same batch, but Plextor-branded. :slight_smile:

You have tested other media and they are fine? Do you have a second drive to scan on other than the 1650. Just trying to eliminate all the variables.
Also, did you print on this media?

yes, i have tested some older ricohs and T02s and they are still going nicely. i have a liteon 812@832 but i don’t have access to that drive at the moment, i put it into my sisters computer - i will try and scan these discs in the litey some time tomorrow. i have not printed on this media with an inkjet, but i have written a small label with TDK cd/dvd pen. but, i use these pens on all my discs for years and it has never caused problems.

You just wrote with the cd/dvd pen or did you use a “small label”?

Have you attached a label to the discs (which could be the reason) or just written to the printable surface with the pens?
Almost any pen is okay with DVDs, it’s a different story with CDs.

Thanks so much for re-phrasing my question, evilboy. You put it so well.

i have just written to the printable surface with the pens, i have learned my lesson about sticky labels many years ago :slight_smile:

Well I hope this is just an isolated incident and not a YUDEN000T03 trend. I’ve never had a problem with Taiyo Yuden TYG01, TYG02, TYG03 or YUDEN000T02- the only ones I’ve personally used. Let’s hope this is just a scanner anomally.