Is this decent DVD+RW media? In my drive it says supported speeds are 6x and 8x. It won’t work at 4x?

I just want to know if this is real Taiyo Yuden or if it is one of those fake Yuden media codes. The discs are Made in Japan Fujifilm DVD+RW’s (8x).



You mean DVD+Rs, NOT DVD+RW.
If they are Fujifilm, they are real Taiyo Yudens


Yeah I meant +R.

Sweet! If they are real Taiyo Yudens, isn’t 49.99 Canadian (about $39 USD) a great price for a 100-spindle?

If so, I’m gonna go in and buy me one. At the moment I only got a 25-pk spindle to test.


raddygast, check here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=990402&postcount=163


That’s the typical going price now for YUDEN000T02 media sold as Fujifilm in the states, $20 USD for 50-pack, $40 for 100-pack.


These media are VERY GOOD! I got them my self (100 pieces) and @ 8x I got a score of 95% with the latest version of Nero.