YUDEN000T02 problem?

I ‘ve burned lots of Taiyo Yuden T02 DVD+R disks with nec 3500. I use Liggy’ s 2.18_ritek_4x_rpc1_SE firmware and ALL disks have the same problem: In the begining of the graph below the speed is almost 5,00x and immediately rises to 7,00x. Why is that?

probebly because your using good quality media and it can handle the faster read speed :bigsmile:

What I was going to say, nothing wrong with an instant increase in speed at all! :slight_smile: That graph looks pretty nice. :wink:

Tanks guys. I would like to measure PI/PO errors to see if really these are good burns but i haven’t a suitable drive. Can you propose one to buy?

me personaly i would get the latest liteon 1653/1673 although a Benq 1620 would also be good.