YUDEN000T02 or TYG02

Hi there

I’m about to order Taiyo Yuden DVDR discs from www.os-mediatrade.de

Have read a lot about them selling genuine TY’s.

But I’m not sure if I should order +R or -R

YUDEN000T02 or TYG02

My burner is NEC ND-3520 (fw 3.04)

Or it dosen’t matter perhaps?


I think NEC drives like DVD-R media -So my suggest go for TYG02


I have gotten steller results with -R medias in both my 3500’s-


With my 3500 I have great luck with both them.
So I say it doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:

The Benq writes 1620 the T02 faster. With the latest firmware (B7T9) I experienced 6mn40 12X burns on T02 and around 7mn on TG02.
Quality is similar.