YUDEN000T02 or TYG02 - which is better for NEC3540



I need to choose between Fuji YUDEN000T02 and TYG02 which I intend to get from different suppliers ( APR media and SVP respectively in the UK) and I`d like to know which media is better quality and would give me the better burn on NEC3540 and Pioneer109


APR stock FUJI YUDEN000T02, these should be good for the NEC. If you need bitsetting then they wont be much use on the Pioneer.


I am not after bitsetting or overspeeding, just a quality burn. I already got the disks but I have to share them with a friend and I wanted to know which ones would be best suited for the NEC and Pioneer and would there be difference in quality of the actual disks. Since TY disks are supposed to be a top notch media what is the difference between the above mentioned types.


TY should be good for any drive.


I got a 100 spindle of TYG02 from SVP and they burn excellently on my NEC3520 with L&D’s 1.UF firmware.


Dunno about 3540 but for 3520 and 3500 the YUDEN000T02 gives better results then TYG02. btw the T02 scans at 16x and at 8x look almost the same so u can safely burn it at 16x.


the difference is simply in the type of media : YUDEN000T02 are +R and TYG02 are -R, that’s all the difference (well to my knowledge).

And yeah, if you look the nec 3540 media compatibility list, T02 are compatible with 16x (even if they’re actually 8x certified), while TYG02 are only 12x compatible.


I would second that. YUDEN000T02 gives better results than TYG02, and it behaves better to overspeeding as well. This also happens on pLEXTOR drives as well, and since it is a known fact that pLEXTOR drives are fine tweaked for TY media, it suggests that this is a fact rather than a writing strategy issue.

NOTE: The intentional spelling of the word pLEXTOR (beginning with a small p) is a form of protest against pLEXTOR’s behaviour and their legal threats.


Enlighten us. What is Plextor up to?



http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11886 & http://www.cdrlabs.com/#3

and also have a look at the pLEXTOR forum for more details …


chas0039: Don’t you read CDFreaks news ? =P


I do and I knew of some of Plextor’s doings but I clearly missed this.

Thanks for the links guys. It’s tough to catch everything.


there’s no official f/w that supports booktype for 3540??




but you can use the modded firmware from liggy which is the original with only booktype, riplock, and regio modification (so no moddified write-strategies etc.)
look for it on this forum (not the 1.w3 from liggy and Dee)


Well I think, for warranty purpose, El_Mariachi_X would rather have an official firmware ^^