YUDEN000T01 Revision Numbers



I’ve been very pleased with YUDEN000T01 media (4x DVD+R). It gives excellent burns and is consistent. I recently bought another batch, and to my horror the first burn I attempted (at 8x, on a Plextor 712A) was awful. 4x burns (which after all is the rated speed of the media) are superb, so I’ll stick to that with this batch.

A little more investigation shows that the new batch is REV 00, while the ones I had been using before were REV 01. See attached scans (I abandoned the bad scan before completion). It’s amazing the difference this seemingly minor change in revision makes. It would appear that the Plextor firmware doesn’t distinguish between the revisions: if it did, then surely it should limit this REV 00 media to 4x?

Any comments?


Yes, T01 01 is much better at overspeeding to 8x than T01 00; this has been known for a while :slight_smile:


Actually, T01-00 can be written very well at 8x in many drives. AFAIK, they all have separate strats for 00 and 01.


Where did you get the YUDEN000T01 media?
I have had some YUDEN000T01 00 that burnt very well at 8x and even 12x in my Benq 1620.


It came from CDRMedia.co.uk. It’s branded as Maxell, but so was my previous batch of REV 01. The only difference being that the REV 01 batch was a spindle, and these REV 00 are jewel-cased.