YUDEN000T01 or YUDEN000T02

Hi everybody…
I need a little help here ! :slight_smile:
Right now I’m confused about which media to get…
The SAMSUNG 4X DVD+R or the OEM TY 8X DVD+R from Rima.com !
The SAMSUNG’s is YUDEN000T01 while the OEM is YUDEN000T02 !
My writer is NEC-2500A and I think I’m gonna burn the disc at 8x !
Suggestion needed !
Thanx in advance ! :smiley:

Frankly, it probably won’t make much difference in your case (the NEC burns both at 8x max), so grab whichever costs the least.

If you’re going to buy in bulk, maybe better the 8x YUDEN000T02, in case you upgrade your burner later. Just my $.02.

I’m not gonna buy more than 200 , thats for sure ! :smiley:
I guess I’ll get the Samsung !
Thanx !