YUDEN000LTO Real or Fake TY?

Hi this is what they advertise on the site below, but in dvdinfopro you get this Manufacturer id YUNDEN000LTO Product revision number 00h. Down at the bottom right of dvdinfopro complete media code YUDEN00T. Avalable Write Descriptor CLV 8.0x CLV 4.0x
Heres the link http://www.blankcd.co.nz/dvd+rmedia-excel.htm
Anyone know if there real or fake?

Excel 4.7gb DVD+R 50pk Inkjet - (XCL+R50)

  • 4.7gb 120min storage capacity
  • 1x-8x compatible
  • A grade quality
  • White inkjet printable surface
  • Manufacturer Name: Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd
  • Manufacturer id: YUDEN000
  • Media id: T02

Have a look around the hub of the disc for a serial number. Post whatever numbers you see here, and no doubt someone will be able to tell if they’re genuine. :slight_smile:

Looking at the price of those “Excel” discs in comparison to the Verbatim, Ricoh and Sony 8x DVD+Rs sold at that same site, I’d be inclined to believe they are not truly TY media but have “borrowed” the TY media code. Check the recordable side of the discs for a stamper code like TG001158 or somesuch (the last four digits will vary). If present, they should be etched in a ring area around the clear plastic center like you see here. If you don’t see that, they aren’t Taiyo Yuden discs.

Looks like a generic spindle of TY that’s pictured. So if they’re not TY, they are very deliberately faked by both the maker and the seller. If they are in 50-ct spindles, and the spindle is anything other than a TY-type spindle, I vote for fakes.

Arachne, Two Degrees, and CDan.
They don’t have any of the ring markings on the disc hub!
Sounds like there fake yes?


Unfortunately yes.

Sony TY has never use TY-type spindle afaik.

Yes, but these are not Sony.

If that’s the case, then you’ve discovered a good online seller to avoid. One note: with printables, the lot number on the dye side ring is very difficult to see. You need a bright light to make it out. It’s almost invisible on hub-printables.

Of course, the acid test is to burn a couple and see an error scan if possible.

Here you go, what do you think?

Fuji in europe too.

Are you saying that Fuji in Europe has never used TY-style cakeboxes?

Because in my experience the 10pc Fujifilm 8x DVD+R Made in Japan (Taiyo Yuden) cakeboxes are TY-style, but the 25pc cakeboxes are not.

(I haven’t seen any Fujifilm Made in Japan in quite a while however)

I’m not sure what you’re using to burn or scan, but that looks like pretty good media to me.

Here’s what you should see on the dye side hub ring, yours should be “TG00xxxx”:

Fujifilm in SE Asia also used non-TY type cake boxes. I have pictures if anyone is interested. Only the 25pc version is available here. No other size.

No, not never. The 10 pcs spindle was a typical TY cakebox but the 25pcs not, and i’ve bought also a time ago a 50 pcs fuji TY spindle which was also a normal cakebox.

Sorry, maybe I should of asked about the packaging and we would of argued about the media!
The media TY or not was the topic please.

No marks on hub at all. Drive is BTC 1016IM.

Looks very much as though they could be fakes, then :frowning:

But that’s not a bad scan at all, although I’m not sure how much stock to put in a scan from a BTC drive…

Mystery solved maybe. In DVDINFPRO Identified Yuden000LTO.
Still can’t see #'s around hub. Put two disc in DVDCDSpeed and Identified
Yuden000 T02 on both disc’s. Sound any better?

It doesn’t matter what MID the discs give; if they don’t have those serial numbers they aren’t TY.

Correct. :frowning: