Yuden TO2's or Prodisc DVD+R's for 3100A? Or other?

Whats up guys? I need to order some +R’s now because this new NED-3100 will only burn -R’s at 2.4x :a. I’ve been reading that Prodisc’s vary at whether they’ll burn at 12x or not. The TO2’s are a bit of a guarantee.

Currently at Rima I can buy 100 Prodisc’s for $38+shipping vs 50 Yuden’s for $30. I’m looking for a quality burn that will last. I don’t mind burning at 8x either. Will the Prodisc’s do?

In the past for my old NEC-2500A I had Ritek GO4’s and some cheap Sonic 4x media that worked fine :bigsmile:. So, will the Prodiscs work out for longevity? Or should I look at other types of media?

Thanks in advance.

Also, if another retailer would be a better idea please let me know.

I’ve bought from shop4tech twice in the past and everything worked out well except shipping took over a week. Is Rima the way to go?


I have had some real issues with Prodisc 8x +R’s (R03) with my 2500, 2510 and two 3500’s

My TY’s give me no problems 8x in either - or +R’s

Rima is a very good vendor - you also might consider some Ritek 8x -R’s (G05) from Rima-

BTW - shop4tech’s reseller ratings aren’t all that good whereas Rimas is very high-


Thanks for the response Mike. Unfortunately the disks have to be +R’s because of this burner. I’ll check out the Riteks though. Thanks again.

I have used Prodisk R03s from Supermediastore (the silvertop ones) and have had 0 coasters so far. I personally have no issue with the burn quality of those disks. Great value for the money I would say.

Yo madnj-

What burner are you using with the R03’s?


How are Optodisks?


Optodisc media is pretty “iffy”

You can get some pretty bad stuff pretty easy-

Stick with the “good” stuff - you won’t be sorry (like when ‘ya toss a couple of dozen coasters - all that time waiting and burnin’ and still meager results)-