Yuden T03?

I was wondering if somebody have good experience on T03. I bought them when the Plextor branded hit Europe back then and now i thought i’d give them another try in form of the Verbatim branded. Been buying the MCC 004 for some time since i thought the T03 needed some time to “mature” after the Plextors were the far worst “quality” discs i ever saw (in my drives). Seems the Verbatim T03 act totally like Plextors and i don’t like it. My Benq 1640 (upgraded to newest fw) can’t read every other of it’s own burns and TRT as well as QS from my LG 4163 is far beaten by my 2x dvdr media (CMC and TDK) - standalone compatibility is the same so far.
What i need you to tell me is that T03 really suck so i don’t have to get new drives. I never liked my Benq but it performs almost decent with some media (MCC 004) so i’m basically ready to toss it but since it still works (and i have so many old drives already) i’m not sure i’ll kick it just yet. My LG takes almost any media and turns it to gold but T03 is like Bulqpak or some other crap i used to buy long time ago. Strange nuances of purple on disc and QS and TRT in the dubious end of the scale, imo. Will T03 stand the test of time better than Bulkcrap - any ideas/opinions based on facts? Any reason at all to switch from MCC004 which i basically like as cheap good discs. Usually i back up with TY only and that’s why i thought i’d give the T03 another try.
Here’s the best QS so far from Benq and TRT from LG but these are avg scans

My 4163 so far is the only drive that will burn my Plex branded T03s well at 16x (and then only with the A106 firmware).

It burns them nicely at 12x though.

I just burned a bunch from the same spindle at 12x on my 1650, but I haven’t scanned them. I’ll do so with a couple in a bit. :slight_smile:

Have a look in the following thread:

Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) Batch variation

I don’t have reading problems with any of my Plextor TYs, regardless of which drive they were burned in, but there’s a significant difference between quality scans from the two batches that I have.

Correction - I don’t have any reading problems with any of my Plextor TYs that is caused by the media, but using my NEC 4551 as a burner can cause hiccups in other drives regardless of media used (shown here).

I think I’ve only tried mine on the 4163 until now (and I believe they’re TH000021).

Scans coming up :slight_smile:

Scans of my latest burn with the TH001330 batch (which is not the best batch) can be seen here.
Read transfers are not shown but they are flawless.

Two typical scans of burns on my BenQ DW1655 are attached below.

  1. TH001330 burned at 12x with BenQ DW1655 BCHB SolidBurn Off WOPC On
  2. TH000021 burned at 16x with BenQ DW1655 BCHB SolidBurn On WOPC On

Read Transfer tests are perfect in two drives for both discs.

I flashed back to BCGB firmware after experiencing problems described here, however.

Nice scans IMO :)…and, YUDEN000 T3? Not T03 then :bigsmile:

A scan and a TRT, both on the 1650 (burned on the 1650 w/ BCDC firmware at 12x…SB: On, OS: Off, WOPC: On):

Edit: sorry it’s not a full disc, but it’s the first one I grabbed from the pile. I’d do another, but BenQ scans take forever :sad:

Yes, it’s the special Terminator 3 version only available to dragons! …or something. :doh:

I also edited my post above to add two scans.

LOL :bigsmile:

I noticed the edit, very nice :iagree:

TDK DVD+R 1-16X SPEED (TH000015)
Burned in the scanning drive @ 8X

Thanks a lot for your input. Seems my Verbatims are TH000021 as well but glad to see they can act nicely. I’ll just have to work harder now :wink:

(My older Plextors are TH001330)

Don’t get obsessed over quality scans and as far as the test of time, no-one can tell because these simply haven’t been around long enough. T03 just doesn’t scan as well as T02, it’s a disappointment for everyone. I wouldn’t burn them on that LG though, because those TRT-dips are probably worse that a couple hundred more PIF’s in the QS. Does that disc show TRT-dips with the LG as well? Maybe it’s just another case of BenQ not liking LG burns…

Yes, my scans below are pathetic - such media is only suitable for landfill material. :bigsmile:

1st scan is a Fuji branded 8x DVD+R T02 the others are all Plextor branded 16x DVD+R T03 from the TH000021 batch/lot.

If you want to take my Plextor T03 TH000021 media away, you’d better come armed and bring Chuck Norris as backup! :wink:

Na, my scans are far from good imo. Not sure if the Benq will improve after some more discs. I made a TRT on my 5163 with the disc above and it was smooth but not flawless - disc read fine on standalone.
My plan is to back up my cd collection and i think i’ll make 2 copy’s on DVD and one or two on HD. MP3 @ 320 kbps i think will be 3-400 GB so i’d prefer faster discs (12x) and i think MCC004 (MIT) could be one usefull disc. I have no hurry but would like to get started with the dvd’s… And i’d like to make the best choice(s) from the start since it will cost some additional $$$. I wouldn’t mind bad scans if the discs will have a long readable life :wink:

Btw. I made quite some scans with LiteOn to doublecheck but they just confirm that my writers isn’t up to T03 yet… :wink:

Aah, 1635S scans! They can be such forgiving readers. I love mine as well (even more so than the 6S drives). But if it weren’t for that one spike, the T02 would have all T03’s beaten on PIF’s :wink: They’re all outstanding burns however and I can understand you’ll fight for them Plextors :slight_smile: I’m even happy with my “nothing to write home about” TDK’s :bigsmile:

Heres about as good as it gets for my batch #TH001333

I’m saving the rest of mine for future firmware updates.

Burned at 12x SB, OS and WOPC = ON

It probably won’t get any better with your batch of T03s on the drive with future firmware. With my BenQ DW1655 and BCDB/BCGB/BCHB firmware it’s already as good as it gets I think, at least with SolidBurn on.

There is nothwing wrong with your scan except that you won’t win any competitions in the BenQ forum with those scans. Your drive however, will not care about those competitions. :wink:

AutoStrategy at work: same setup as in my above post #9, same TDK discs, same ISO burned with Decrypter, but now with a 755A in stead of the 716A. It created an AS entry for these discs.

Yeah I don’t expect to have any problems with that burn and that fine with me!

I do get better burns with my LG4163 so I mostly use that drive.

Hey how do i do that Nero BUrn Test…yes i know i have to do a burn first…but do i necessarily have to use Nero? I’ve burnt with dvd decrypter…put the cd int omy comp and launch Nero cd/dvd thigny and it doesnt show up