YUDEN T02 sometimes burned 12x sometimes 6x




i’ve now my replacement GSA-4120 (old had focus or tracking error) and i found the same “strange” problem burning dvds with 12x as with my older one (before f&t err).

Problem: Sometime the YUDEN000 T02 are burned with 12x (around 7 min) and sometimes only with 6x (around 10min).

I’ve made scans of two media from the same spindle to see if there’s a problem:

  1. Burned with 12x setting but duration was around 10min.
  2. Burned with 12x setting and duration was around 7min.

Look carefully at the 0.4 GB point where the GSA4120 switches from 6x to 8x! Do you see something? Yes… The first scan looks like switching to 8x but going to 6x shortly after (at around 0.6 GB). You can see it perfectly at the jitter graph window.

You can see also that the maximum jitter of the first scan is 12.0 at the point switching from 6x to 8x (and there’s also a pi peak).

Conclusion: Maybe the GSA4120 looks at the jitter and if the jitter reaches the 12.0% mark after switching to 8x it will fall back to 6x burning (if 12x burning is selected). Or will burn only with 8x if there is no big pi(8x)/pi(6x) jump? I remember that i had around 2-3 PI (durning scanning) before the 0.4 GB barrier. Assuming an avg. of 2.5 there would be a jump of factor 10 in pi values (25/2.5) and maybe this let the burner switch back?