Yuden T02 quality: getting better?

Some of us were questioning about “bad” Yuden T02 quality in this thread that was started in the end of September 2004. I too have some “old batches” of Fuji Yuden T02 50pack from bestbuy and unbranded ones from rima.com (50 pack). All bought around August-September 2004.

However, from my new “batch” (December 2004) Fuji Yuden T02 in 25pack from bestbuy and TDK Yuden T02 in 50pack (also from bestbuy), I found that the quality is MUCH BETTER, no more 2GB syndrome or 100 PIE spikes at the end. Anyone also notice this?

Here are some scans from the NEW batch of
-Fuji Yuden T02:
BenQ 1620a at 16x
Plextor PX-712a at 12x

-TDK Yuden T02:
BenQ 1620 at 16x
Plextor PX-712a at 12x

Here are scans from the OLD batch Fuji Yuden T02:
BenQ 1620a at 16x
Plextor PX-712a at 12x

Yes, I can say the 25 pack of T02s I got at Best Buy this month is of higher quality than the 2 50 packs I got a while back during that crazy get two for $19.99 total madness.

You shouldn’t compare TDK TY with FUJI TY (Because TDK has a own better quality controle.)

Still, Taiyo Yuden is making the actual discs. I think there were just some bad batches as the Fuji T02s seem better now.

So TwoDegrees you also confirm that you get better result with the new Fuji T02s in 25pack?

whats the manufacturing date on these? batches can be around for a long time, you know. i.e. i have just bought some cd’rs, which have been manufactured in 2002…

Zevia, I picked up a spindle of the TDK T02s but they’re of lesser quality than the Fuji ones as my Plex refuses to burn them above 12x. They’re in the TG001133 lot.

What? TYs were bad? Hmmm, interesting.

I think it’s just a matter of course. With prices being forced down more and more there’s no way TY can keep the quality up to the levels they were when the discs went for $2 a pop.

I must have gotten lucky with my purchases then. I bought the Fuji TY’s from Best Buy back then and have yet to have a bad burn with them. The newer TY’s I bought under the Sony brand have also been uniformly good.

recently purchased 7x25pk of Fuji 8x +R TYT02 (in the last 2 wks) and 1x100pk (yesterday) of the same stuff…all consistently good burns so far. all from Best Buy in NYC.

What’s the lot number on them? The complete one for the “bad” TDK discs I have is TG001133 0720. The marginal Fujis I have are TG001125 0102, and the good Fujis are TG001125 0905.

most all the 25pks are TG001133 1302 or 0405…the 100pk is TG001133 0908.

I just got three 50 packs of Sony TY’s at Staples for $19.99 ea. Sale started Sunday.

also, they are TG001125 0905

You’ll see where I posted in the old thread saying that I had used a 100 spindle from NewEgg and many other spindles from Best Buy and had zero problems. Well… I finally came across a a few “bad batches”. One 50 spindle from Best Buy, and two 25 spindles also from Best Buy had the problems everyone else has had. However, every (25)Spindle that I’ve purchased from Best Buy in the past month or so, has been great.

Glad to see that the problem seems to be fixed. I ordered a (50)Spindle of printable TY02 from RIMA.com yesterday.

I had a spindle of the TG001133 discs (Fujifilm-branded) and I’d get POF errors burning them at 12x on one of the PX-712As I’ve owned (I think that was drive #2). This drive simply refuses to burn the TDK spindle at 12x, quality must not be up to snuff. I’d hoped all the “bad” spindles were gone, but it seems there are still some on the shelf and they’re both in the TG001125 and TG001133 batches.

i’ll post if i encounter any issues with my spindles, but so far nothing. hope i don’t get a bad bunch, especially in the 100pk (burned the top 2 discs with no issues so far).

If the top two discs are fine, the ones farther down are probably even better :slight_smile:

i sure hope so…:smiley:

btw, will TY ever release media that is 16X certified (i.e. not oversped to 16X)?

I’ve recently bought 2 100 pack Fuji’s dvd+r(made in Japan)media for $39.99 per spindle, and so far I’m very happy with them. I keep getting constant 97% quality score burned at 12X with Nero’s latest cd-dvdspeed utility. I might have to buy some more that way I will be set for life.