Yuden T02 8x +R Fuji Branded

I was just at Best Buy. They have MIJ Fuji +R Yuden T02 25 packs for $9.95. The advert showed 2.4x discs, but they were actually 8x discs at my store.

They had MIT Fuji as well. Make sure you read the label and look for the cake boxes with a printed insert on the top. I bought 2 boxes of MIJ and both were Yudens.

This deal was already posted days ago by ripit! :iagree:

What are you waiting for then? Go get you a box! These seem to burn even better than the Fuji +R Yudens I bought at Best Buy in a 50 pack.

Another easy way to tell them apart is that the MIJ’s seem to have a grey base and the MIT’s a black one.
For some reason, these 25pk TY’s aren’t as good of TY as I remember, the Verbatim 8x +R’s beat these TY’s out afa quality…not by MUCH, mind you, but I use a liteon and kprobe every burn, so I got the curve down.

Could be a lot of different variables tho.