YUDEN DVD+R T01 versus T02



I just got through a spindle of 50 YUDEN000T01 (4x DVD+R) from rima.com and was able to achieve great results on my Lite-On 851S using CodeKing’s US0Q firmware. All burns were done at 4x and my Nero CD Speed scores were consistently in the 90-96 range with PIF (failures) never above 2.

I purchased a 50-pack of YUDEN000T02 (8x DVD+R, white top printable) and my results are still good, but higher PIE (errors) and PIF slightly higher with occasional spikes above 4. Scores are now in the 79-88 range in CD Speed. These were burned using CodeKing’s CG3B firmware with auto bitset only and recommended tweaks (T02 strategy not affected). All burns were at 4x, my 8x results were bad.

Before someone starts yelling that I need to compare on the same firmware (which I’ll try hopefully soon), I was wondering if anyone has noticed that the T01 seems superior to T02 burned at 4x. I am fairly certain that this media is legitimate since it was also purchased from rima.com and I believe that results would be much worse with fake media. I was hoping for similar or better results with T02 compared to T01.




T01 being superior to T02 has been speculated before…
Higher speed burning is somewhat ‘more prone’ to higher PI error levels.
Both types work great for me. :slight_smile:


You need to differentiate between T01/00 and T01/01, as they are quite different. Both are excellent, but T01/01 is superior to T01/00, and has a lot in common with T02.

T01/01 burns here on several drives with better quality than T02, but both are well within “acceptable” limits. T01/01 will overspeed much better than T01/00, and is equal to or better than T02 at most all speeds.

AFAIK, Rima is selling T01/01 now for the 4x media. If we ever get a firmware for the NEC 3500 that will allow 16x on T01/01, I’m sure the results will be good.
Most likely though, 16x TY media will be available soon anyway, and the 4x stock will vanish.


Thanks for the replies guys.

The spindle of T01/01 burned at 4x gave fantastic results, the T02/00 gave good results burned at 4x, but not spectacular.

I only tried burning one of the T02/00 at 8x with US0Q, which produced a 50 score, haven’t gotten up the courage to burn more at 8x with CG3B (yet).

I’m tempted to stick with T01/01 burned at 4x, provided they continue to manufacture it. Or maybe I’m just a PIE/PIF whore :slight_smile:


I’ve seen a few cases where at the same speed (8x), a T01-00 outperformed a T02. I never tried this out myself, and I’m sure that there are probably cases out there where T02 outperforms T01-00. It could vary based on the batch of media you get and other factors. shrug