Youtube working on ad-free paid subcription service



We’ve just posted the following news: Youtube working on ad-free paid subcription service[newsimage][/newsimage]

Youtube is working on offer monthly subscriptions that allow the site to be viewed without advertisements. The video platform has mailed the news to Youtube creators.

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I’m curious if this ad-free subscription will cover music videos or if those videos still require the separate music key subscription to watch ad-free.

I have the trial subscription for music key and it’s nice not having to skip the ad each time a music video starts, particularly when it’s playing a mix/playlist in the background in the room. On the other hand, I’m not sure if I’ll pay the subscription once the free trial ends in August.

As for non-music YouTube videos, the best way to get a near ad-free experience is to use Chromecast. I have yet to see it play a single ad and don’t recall it playing ads on music videos even before YouTube offered me the music key trial. Chromecast in the US does play ads, but I think it’s only an ad every 30 minutes or so, far less than broadcast TV.