YouTube will get more unskippable video ads

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YouTube will soon allow a larger group of content producers to add advertisements to the videos on their channel that can’t be skipped. The new advertisement option will soon become available to all video creators that take part in the YouTube partner program.

Tiresome, but sadly to be expected.

Are these truly unskippable, or does uBlock Origin (and the like) still filter them out?

hmm…I recall my hosts edits seems to be working overtime on ads because I don’t always get them but I will check again and see.

If these new ads are hosted speficially on,, or, then it would take some ublockorigin style of selective blocking to eliminate such ads. These are the three hosts I allow scripts to get youtube to minimally function at all, using noscript/ublockorigin or umatrix. (Otherwise youtube won’t function at all).

If these new ads are hosted on something which is not,, or, and/or if one can pinpoint which particular server they’re hosted on, then coolcolors’ method of redirecting these servers (which host these new ads) to would work fine to eliminate them.

The most annoying ads are ones which are hosted directly on the same server as the main webpage, without resorting to a separate independent server which can be pinpointed either to a hostname or a precise ip number.

More generally, I’ve been looking at other methods to redirect youtube to a seperate video player such as smplayer. (I don’t know if it can be done for other players like vlc, media player classic, etc …). Largely to avoid all the other garbage on youtube pages.

For some pages with video, sometimes I find it easier to just search through the page’s html code for a direct link to the *.mp4 file, and download the video file directly and watch it later. (This doesn’t work on youtube. They’re smarter than that).

Come on people, get real, there are apps that can make those ads disappear in a minute. Just download the video and put it into Final Cut, ads gone in secs.

That how they do the gotcha on such sites unless you turn it off you won’t be able to login or get to those sites.

And it has worked very good and for those same ads on the site I had to do more custom edits that has just a spot on the hosts file for those types of on site ads and so far it has worked good for me when I do it. But doing such edits as more work to keep those up to date beyond the standard hosts edit I posted.

For those I did a inspect the code on those page and found url and then added it to the hosts file and saved it and that is what kills those ads hosted on the same server. I have that on my hosts file but the file is so big and doing that would be time consuming as there so many of them and that would be up to those whom used my custom hosts edit to add those one by one.