YouTube Videos Shortening and Stopping



Is anyone else having problems with Youtube videos suddenly shortening themselves and stopping? An hour and a half long video will suddenly say it’s only 37 minutes long and stop at that point. Reload it and it’ll be back to it’s intended length, only to do it again somewhere along the line again.

It’s not the cable dropping out this time, as it’s been known to do. When cable drops out for a few seconds, it always says “unable to download”, but now, it thinks it is finished downloading the video.

Is anyone else having the same problem? I’m on my ninth try to dl a really good movie.



I haven’t seen that but I seldom last more than 4 minutes on any video there simply because I’m uncomfortable leaning back in a computer chair where I’ll eventually end up flipping backwards!

But just think - YouTube’s getting ready to offer TV channels where you PAY for this privilege of transmission problems! Whoo hooo - won’t that be great?!! “Gee - now I get to PAY for this frustration!!” Sounds like the slogan of every divorce attorney, huh?


That’s why I burn disks, so I can play them on my “vintage” (ancient) big screen. If I had a scan converter (my old one croaked), I could pipe my comp into the TV, and not have to burn anything. That’s why it sucks so much having my new HD with all those movies and videos on it, not working right now. I could probably watch that HD for years into the future.

Yeah, I saw that on the news this morn, but they said movies, not tv shows. $2 a week, or month or something like that? It’ll be interesting to see the reprocussions from that. Are they trying to pull a Net Flix?


I think they’ll do “channels” where I subscribe to one Channel or another. I’d like to do this with Time-Warner or any other TV cable system - pay for the channels I watch, and let the others try to get money from their fans.

I’m all for that - the a la carte TV cables - but Time Warner, AT&T, ComCast had Congress nix that back in 2002 and 2003, despite spending years earlier lobbying for “digital TV” using “a la carte abilities” as one of the big pitches in the smoke-filled backrooms.

Unfortunately, these ISP-Channel systems (and NetFlix streaming is part of this) are all dependent on ISPs for quality streaming or not. And since ISPs are the TV Cable Companies, I’m unconvinced that they are willing to slit their own throats and reap greater profits.


Garry have you tried :Freemake Video Downloader ?
Not the converter .


[QUOTE=cholla;2687036]Garry have you tried :Freemake Video Downloader ?
Not the converter .[/QUOTE]

No. I’m sure the problem, though, is Youtube in general, because this has been happening with many videos for a week now. I seem to be seeing a correlation with being full screen, but now that the downloads are following that same pattern, even when it’s not full screen, makes me think otherwise. I left it playing small screen last night, along with real player downloading, and they both short sheeted themselves (again).

But, finally, I got the one I have been trying for. It’s a bit chopped, but who needs credits anyway?:bigsmile:


I have had this problem on several occasions on short <10 minute clips, so it doesn’t seem to be specific to long videos. The symptom is the same where the video cuts out and then YouTube acts like it has played the full thing, showing various video suggestions and showing the navigation slider placed at the end.

One thing interesting is that when I run into this problem, it will usually happen several times on that same video, while several videos I watched before or watch afterwards play just fine. For example a 10 minute video may stop 3 or more times, requiring me to refresh the page and drag the slider to where it left off.


Exactly. Length is not a factor and it has done that with short ones, too. Just like you said, most will play fine but one here and there is a problem.

Thanks, now I know it’s not my machine.


Gaary, I think you’ve highlighted an issue that demonstrates YouTube’s vast technical know-how. Yes, it really makes me want to pay them. Uh huh, uh huh…

(What’s the name of the Sarcasm Font, these days?)

Of course, I am grateful that YouTube exists at all, and that occasionally I get good-playing video-clips.


I love Youtube but I don’t like the “people” (?) “running” (?) it one bit.

First, bear in mind that Youtube is part of the almighty Google, and I don’t like them, either (first).

Youtube is dominated by Indians. How do I know that? Back before they figured out how blatant it was, when you looked for youtube movies (there are pages dedicated to full movies, not just movies on regular yt pages), you would find many Indian (from India) movies first, before you got to anything interesting to any American. They have since split the movies into catagories, so it is not so obvious, but their hand has already been tipped and I saw their cards.

Now, remember any of the times you have tried to get support for something, and you ended up speaking to a clueless wonder in India? Remember how utterly useless and frustrating that was (and still is)? THAT is the kind of clown you have running Youtube!

It shows, too, particularly in their willingness to discriminate against people (remember the “cast system”? It’s still alive). They age restrict some pages because some prude flaged it (meanwhile, two clicks away is the same, open), then they want you to sign up with YT to “verify age” in order to watch it. The same goes for posting comments, etc.

Even though I know how to watch those videos anyway, I still hate their discriminatory practices because signing up with Youtube does NOT verify age at all. Unless they have signed up with a real, pay service such as “Adult Check”, signing up does nothing to verify one’s age. It is discrimination. If it were skin color (hmmm… maybe it is… hmmm…), they wouldn’t get away with it for a minute. This is not India - they can’t just discriminate here as they do there.

Then, when you look at some of what YT does, you begin to see how childish (and mis-led) they are. At a time when there are always valid problems that need to be fixed, they do things like make cute little “snow flakes” falling and piling up, then they turned around and made a “light switch” so you could “turn out the lights” (make everything around dark). Can you say “Misplaced Priorities”?

It’s as if there are a bunch of programmers who don’t want to do their chores, but want to come up with ideas to impress someone higher up (who also doesn’t have a clue about what works), so they make toys for YT.

It’s the discrimination that irks me the most though, and it’s spread around the net like wildfire. Now days, many sites make it so that Google, Youtube or Facebook are THE only ways to sign up for whatever.

But, there is a body of folks out there who will not submit and be assimilated (“Resistance is futile”). I’m one of 'em. They are all just getting too big and going too far. Collapse is (believe it or don’t) eminent. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. They are breaking real laws every day, and more are being made (HAVE to be made) against them every day. It’s just a matter of time.


I’ve been having this problem with at least two of my videos.

I’m curious, could it have anything to do with the content. My videos are political, and I’ve only noticed the problem showing up on classical liberal pieces on YT on my channel and others.

I first noticed it about a week ago, and it’s very aggravating. Is it my browser?

I’ve also noticed if I’m not signed in it happens more than if I’m signed in.


Interesting. I’ve not noticed that pattern, but I wasn’t looking for it. I’ll keep an eye on it. I don’t watch much political stuff, but it just did that to me twice yesterday. Don’t remember what I was watching. I’ve had several that wouldn’t play because their spam wouldn’t first play.



Over the past few days, I have to refresh the page on every YouTube video for it to play.

When I go to watch a video, it just shows a black screen. If the video has an ad, it plays the ad fine and then shows the black screen. When I press refresh, the video plays fine, although in the case with a video containing an ad, it will play the ad a second time before the video starts. Once I go to another video, the same thing happens again, I just get a black screen until I refresh the browser.

In my case, it’s not browser dependent - I have this problem in Firefox, IE10 and even Chrome. It occurs on both my laptop and desktop, so not computer specific either. I don’t have an issue playing video on other websites, for example catch-up TV services play just fine and the same with non-YouTube video services such as Vevo, Vimeo, etc. If I get a chance, I’ll make a screen recording to show this issue here.


I’ve been noticing that, too, so it’s definitely not comp/browser associated. It’s as if everything is slow now. The video won’t play because their spam won’t play first.

That is typical YT spam greed. They have it rigged so that, when you go from full screen back to small screen, the spam plays again (even when there’s only one piece of spam). It plays again, even if it was way back at the beginning.

I’m really getting sick of spammers and their excessive spam. Just yesterday I flamed a (corporate) video owner (poster/seller) for no less than nine pieces of spam. Even my “free” online mail server (“”) is guilty, and I just told them that, from now on, each new window spam they open after I log out (causing my comp/browser problems), it will cost them (their server) at least 100 clocks, and a progressive 100 clicks at that. We’re now up to over 200 clicks. I have all day to mess with their server just as they do damage to my comp.

Youtube used to have a bogus page to “report playback issues”, (right click) where they would assign you a bogus “case ID number”, so you’ll think they care and are doing something, but that was just a bluff to make people shut up and go away. They never used that number.

Now, they recently changed it so there’s no way to input anything. That’s probably my fault. After they showed me a live, screaming cow going through a shredder, I flamed the living snot out of those incompetent criminals. It was a restricted video that somehow “slipped through”; I wasn’t looking for that stuff, I was just watching trees get shredded. (it happened so fast that I thought it was fake and the sound dubbed in, then I realized it was real).

It’s all typical Youtube incompetence. They are always trying to look busy and impress someone higher up, but they are all childish people who always want to play; this is why they come up with little useless vanities like “snowflakes” and “lights out” and such. But, they neglect the basic functioning of the thing and the maintenance it needs.

They’ll eventually fix that, but they’ll ultimately end up breaking something else.


I made a screen recording with a few subtitles to show this black video window issue happening on my end in IE10, Chrome and Firefox.

If this video doesn’t start, then it’s likely you have this issue also. In this case, click your browser’s refresh button for the video to start.

I used aussie50’s video channel as this way I could go straight into a video without navigating for a video each time I launched a browser.


I’ve noticed that if I wait about 20 seconds, it’ll finally get going.

“aussie50”, huh? Isn’t that one of the guys what likes blowing up electrical things with over voltage and such? I love his work!:bigsmile:


That’s indeed him, the one that likes throwing heavy objects into washing machines on the spin cycle. :smiley:

I tried a waiting period and indeed it eventually starts playing. It took about 30 seconds on a random video I tried, kind of like the VHS days waiting for the picture to appear after the tape is loaded.


Yep, the dryer turbo flame thrower was fun, too. (now I gotta look him up and watch some of that):iagree:

So far this morning, it has been around five second wait. But, then again, my internet has been quite a problem lately, too. It’s hard to determine just where the outage is at times.


A few weeks ago, YouTube started another issue on me intermittently repeat sections of the audio for a few seconds (with the video frozen) like a stuck record. Many other times, the video would simply stop as if I clicked pause. The only way to resume the video was by toggling between window and full screen and in some cases having to reload the page.

I remember a while back reading about YouTube trialling HTML5 video, so I had a look around for the setting and enabled it. Since I enabled it about two to three weeks ago, the vast majority of videos now play perfectly. I can’t remember if any cut short, but no ‘stuck record’ issues. I still have the occasional video have problems repetitively buffering, but this was the case anyway before the HTML5 trial.

To enable YouTube’s HTML5 trial, click the “Try something new!” link at the bottom of the YouTube page:

Then click the HTML5 button and finally the join the HTML5 trial button.


I had to do some things to get my browser to work with the HTML5 a while back.
Looks like I may need to do some more but it’s working OK .
A lot of YouTube videos are not in this format yet.

BTW when you clear all your cookies you have to enable HTML5 again.