Youtube video help!

I wanted to put some videos off you tube onto a cd, but I dont know how. Could someone give me step by step intuctions on what to do. Like got to “this site” and download “this software”. Then how to get them into the right format ect ect. I just want to burn like NFL Hits and stuff like that.


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Mh, maybe you could use search?

I’m sure it was discussed before.

Here are the steps that let you download and save your favorite videos for FREE.

  1. Go to, select the video you want to download
  2. Copy the url on the Address bar
  3. Go to [I]“We_are_spam, we_are_spam,”[/I] and paste the YouTube url to the box
  4. Press the download button to start downloading your video.
  5. Save the video to your desktop and you can change the filename.


After the video is in your computer, it is easy for you to burn it. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to a spammer. Hope it helps

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